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Show Reel Germany

About This Project

As art director for Velvet Mediadesign company in Munich I designed an award winning show packaging which won us the BDA Europe Gold Award. The show was called Voxtours and created for the German TV channel VOX. The idea visualized the excitement of travel and the beauty of big cities, contrasted with major natural wonders of the world. We also designed a new logo for the show, which symbolizes an eye with the rotating world inside. I used the shape of the eye to create the packaging, shown here in this clip. You will also see idents I designed for a show called Fit for Fun and channel ID’s for the German TV channel called SAT 1. With those ID’s we won the Promax silver award for VELVET. For the creation of the channel ID’s for the german News Channel N-TV we projected animations onto glass cylinders and filmed a drive through the cylinders. For advertising intros we filmed places where news can happen or have happened all across Germany. WE chose to create an emotional logo animation created to emphasize the branding of the Spanish TV channel TELECINCO.

Showreel Germany

Munich, Germany, includes: Voxtours show-packaging, Fit for Fun show-packaging, Sat 1 channel ID's, NTV channel ID's, Telecinco channel ID's



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