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Interactive application for ADIDAS using a UX wheel

The interactive athlete

About This Project

The interactive athlete

In a three month project I developed and (programmed) this interactive application built inside an exercise bike to educate, entertain and promote the right equipment and technical attire for the right kind of sport.

As lots of people are looking for distraction from their hard work while working out on an exercise bike I took this market whole and proposed to fill it with a interactive application. With this application the athlete could choose what their main goal of exercise was and the most preferred type of exercise and the tool is giving in depth tips on how to achieve it and what type of shoe to wear or technical attire to wear for the best possible training effect.

A perfect distraction with entertaining video, research based scientific knowledge and tips with the side effect of being an amazing way to market to the target audience.

I designed a unique interactive UX wheel to show the landscape of exercise and give people the choice on what they might be interested in. The wheel rotates, opens up and grows, depending on what the user has chosen.


Interactive application for ADIDAS


started 2004

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