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Boulder County Fire Prevention Brand Update & Campaigns

About This Project

Design to save lives and homes – updated Branding & Outreach Campaign

Embark on an exhilarating journey with us as we unveil a transformative initiative – the Design to Save Lives and Homes project, a dynamic collaboration with Boulder Counties Wildfire Partners organization. This thrilling venture allowed us to join forces with the visionary Wildfire Partners team, redefining the landscape of community involvement in Wildfire Prevention activities.

Our mission began with a refreshing makeover of the Wildfire Partners brand, breathing new life into its identity. Four distinctive icons were updated, symbolizing Wildfire education, home preparation, community engagement, and the vital aspect of Forest & Grasslands Preparation. Notably, a dedicated icon for grasslands underscored its significant role in wildfire mitigation. The brand’s facelift aimed at crafting an inclusive, approachable, and instantly recognizable identity, seamlessly harmonizing with Boulder Counties’ emblem. The color palette, inspired by the hues of a fall forest, added depth and meaning to each shade.

These vibrant colors became the cornerstone for crafting sector-specific promotional materials, catering to Wildfire, Home, Community, and Forest & Grasslands. But our journey didn’t stop there; we meticulously constructed a comprehensive BrandStyle guide, Factsheet templates, and Presentation templates to ensure brand consistency.

The arsenal of outreach materials expanded with the introduction of eye-catching postcards and a user-friendly website sporting the project’s refreshed aesthetic. From BRANDMARK & LOGOTYPE to BRAND AWARENESS Animation, every detail was meticulously crafted to establish a cohesive and recognizable brand presence. Our materials, including BRANDED FACTSHEET TEMPLATES, BRANDED EVENTS booth backgrounds, and even BRANDED GIVEAWAYS like Car Magnets, Yard Signs, and T-shirts, all contribute to the project’s unified and impactful visual identity.

Join us on this electrifying adventure as we bring the Design to Save Lives and Homes project to life, resonating with communities and igniting a passion for wildfire prevention across Boulder County and beyond.


Branding & Outreach Campaign

Boulder County CO USA 2021


March 7, 2024

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